Starting over

Although Synapse first started as a marketing idea in 2003 and then launched as a product in 2008, in a way I had to start over in 2015 because of technology. My old website was created by a professional company in St. Paul, MN and served me well for 6 years. Although it was an awesome site, it had a major drawback in having Flash which could not be used on devices which most people use today. So I lost a lot of sales for my game since people could not log in to at the old site.

Advertising works! I had heard of Squarespace on the podcasts I listen to so I turned there for a new website. Although I am not tech savvy, I didn't have the budget to pay someone else to set up a website without Flash, so I jumped in and tried my hand at doing it myself through Squarespace and this is the result. I still haven't figured out how to get rid of the double SYNAPSE which is displayed on the Welcome page. 

The website is a work in progress and I welcome anyone who can give me tips on improving it!! I also will answer questions and share more of the Synapse story.



Posted on January 3, 2015 .